Print certificates for students

Download and print personalised certificates for students when they complete a module in Rainforest Coding.


Certificate buttonSimply click this button on the student's progress report, select which completed module you would like to download the certificate for, and print. 



Rainforest Coding student certificate

Students will be encouraged to work through the entire Scratch coding adventure as their progress report becomes filled with ticks and they receive personalised certificates from their teacher.

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Coding Lesson Plans and Coding Glossary

NEW Help Resources

You can now access downloadable and printable PDF lesson plans. Each lesson plan will assist teachers in delivering fun and effective Scratch coding classes using Rainforest Coding.
The first for Module 1- activity 1 & 2 available here
Coding lesson plan, page 1Coding lesson plan - page 2
The lesson plans include learning objectives, prompt questions to ask the class, SEN support suggestions and extension activities. Check back on the help resources page, where we will be adding updated lesson plans for each activity in the Rainforest Coding adventure.

You can also access a coding glossary, which gives definitions for many of the coding terms that students will use as they work through the games. Below you can see the first page of the glossary. Access it online when needed, or print it out and display it for students and teachers to refer to during coding lessons.
Coding glossary of terms a-c

The Super Rescue Team - Level 2 is available to play now!

New games have been added to The Super Rescue Team, the fun adventure that introduces children to Scratch Junior coding.


Scratch Junior Coding games

Level 2 allows users to continue working their way through The Super Rescue Team journey, using Scratch Junior coding to develop important programming skills in logic and problem solving. 

Students will explore space, helping the team reach the rocket launch pad and navigate through asteroids. The activities introduce looks, loops and message blocks, developing children's coding capabilities through play.

The animated and interactive games start students using block programming, and are the perfect stepping stone before they move on to tackling the Rainforest Coding adventure.

Scratch Jr coding games

Rainforest Coding subscribers can access the games now at

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NEW Version of Rainforest Coding

We are super excited to announce the latest version of Rainforest Coding! The popular coding solution now includes new and updated features to improve ease of use and enjoyment. Here are the key new features to look out for in Version 2:

Teacher View

As well as one login for all students, schools will receive one login for all staff, giving them access to the synchronised and easy to use teacher view. Here you can simply list users and then track the progress of entire classes and individual students. Student progress reports show the specific coding skills achieved during each activity, and can be downloaded and printed.

Teacher View. Overall class and individual student progress report.

Super Rescue Team

NEW animated and interactive activities to introduce Scratch Junior coding to ages 3-5, and those with more profound special educational needs. Scratch Junior develops basic skills in logic and problem solving, whilst following a fun adventure under the sea and in space.

Super Rescue Team activity selection page

Progress Tracking

Students can easily keep track of their own progress when they login to play Rainforest Coding. They can access their individual progress report, showing them what they have achieved and the skills they have gained so far. Students will also find "done" ticks next to the activities they have completed and "do next" prompts to show them where they left off.

Rainforest Coding activity selection page, showing done tick and do next prompt.
Alongside this new version, we will be releasing useful resources such as, PDF help sheets and lesson plans, to help you get the most out of Rainforest Coding.


All existing customers will be upgraded to the new version in December, with the official launch date for new customers to come in January. To find out more about Rainforest Coding pricing, click here.

Covid-19: Free access to Rainforest Coding and Early Years World for parents for 14 days

Due to the unprecedented situation created by the outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19) , we are offering parents free access to Rainforest Coding and Early Years World for 14 days. To find out more about the products and sign up for your trial, click here for Rainforest Coding and here for Early Years World.

Annual subscriptions are also available for home users.

Covid-19: Free access to Rainforest Coding and Early Years World for Schools till 31st July

Due to the unprecedented situation created by the outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19) , we  are offering schools free access to Rainforest Coding and Early Years World till the 31st July. Simply sign up for a trial and we will extend it to the 31st July.
Giant Planet Training Day on 20th November 2019 - Swindon

Giant Planet Training Day on 20th November 2019 - Swindon

For the first time we are very excited to announce we are hosting a Giant Planet Training Day on 20th November 2019.

Due to the success of both our EYFS Three Characteristics of Effective Learning Training Workshop and our Get Confident teaching Scratch Training Workshop we are holding them both on one day. 

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EYFS Three Characteristics of Effective Learning Training Workshop

9.30 to 11am, Friday 13th September, Pewsey, Wiltshire 

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