Coding Lesson Plans and Coding Glossary

NEW Help Resources

You can now access downloadable and printable PDF lesson plans. Each lesson plan will assist teachers in delivering fun and effective Scratch coding classes using Rainforest Coding.
The first for Module 1- activity 1 & 2 available here
Coding lesson plan, page 1Coding lesson plan - page 2
The lesson plans include learning objectives, prompt questions to ask the class, SEN support suggestions and extension activities. Check back on the help resources page, where we will be adding updated lesson plans for each activity in the Rainforest Coding adventure.

You can also access a coding glossary, which gives definitions for many of the coding terms that students will use as they work through the games. Below you can see the first page of the glossary. Access it online when needed, or print it out and display it for students and teachers to refer to during coding lessons.
Coding glossary of terms a-c

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